5 BIM trends in the installation sector in 2017

Many trends that you come across as a consumer can also influence the work of installers, modelers and advisors. But how will

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Report from the exhibition grounds

With 200.114 visitors from 61 countries, it’s safe to say the ISH fair in Frankfurt last week was a great success. The 2500(!)

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New: Stabitips

We have exciting news for engineers working with Stabicad or Stabicad for Revit: a series of English Stabitips has started. Le...

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BIM project: Holiday bungalows

Starting a BIM project with different installation concepts? Dutch engineering agency Van Hoften took on the challenge. In

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Virtual reality: the future of BIM?

Virtual Reality (VR) appeals to the imagination. Obviously, you can fantasize away about the opportunities it brings. The

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LOD: a confusing guideline?

The LOD, or Level of Development, is often a source of confusion in BIM projects. In most BIM protocols you will find the

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BIM in a European perspective

BIM is about collaborating and sharing knowledge, also on an international level. Thus, in October, the key players in the

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The Netherlands lead the way with BIM

"We are BIM live" was the theme of the 2016 SUM, the largest BIM event for the MEP industry in the Netherlands, organized by

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BIM World Munich

For the first time in Germany, BIM World will present for two days the new structures around digital construction and planni...

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